What’s the silver lining in the clouds? Enterprise and SME Revenue…..

According to recent research undertaken by Informa Telecoms and Media , operators are increasingly looking to enterprise and SME customers to generate revenue from cloud-based service offers.

Operators, it seems, believe the next two years will be critical to building a suite of enterprise and SME services in the cloud. And it’s equally clear that few see consumer markets as being likely to yield significant revenue from cloud services.

In consumer markets, users typically expect basic services to be free, or else included in a bundle offer. They may migrate to paid models, but this is unproven. More likely, they will move between services to ensure that they continue to enjoy free service or else seek the lowest price offer.

But enterprise and SME customers don’t want the expense and hassle of moving services every so often. They want to use reliable, attractive services that generate efficiencies and value and they don’t mind paying for guarantees.

Even if mass enterprise adoption of cloud services remains some way off, operators need to take steps now to build a presence and to create a compelling offer. The way to do that is to focus on services that leverage current capabilities and to use these as a means to start building a cloud customer base today.

We can help with this. Our cloud-based service offers include Mobile Unified Communications and Virtual PaBX, key services that are well understood by users and which deliver immediate benefits. By launching cloud-based voice and UC offers today, operators can claim a stake in the marketplace and be ready to deliver complementary services in the future.

Why wait? It’s time to colonise the cloud and uncover the silver lining before competitors move into the sky.

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