Simplifying Go-To-Market for #Cloud Services

Service providers trying to get to grips with their cloud strategy and approach to this market could do worse than review an interesting report written by renowned consultancy Arthur D Little. The report “Cloud from Telcos – Business distraction or a key to growth” offers useful insight on ways to build a cloud portfolio that addresses customer needs.

In particular, the authors point to various go-to-market approaches and highlight the importance of addressing SME customers. We well understand this point. SMEs represent an attractive market with strong appetite for services and a willingness to pay. In this environment, cloud services, which offer OPEX-driven models are proving to be increasingly attractive.

However, while we understand that there can be complexities in bringing cloud services to market, there are ways to mitigate these. As ADL reports, certain cloud services are complex, potentially involving multiple stakeholders and tough choices regarding the role of the service provider - as aggregator or creator, for example.

One approach is to focus on an area in which service providers already have expertise and to leverage this in order to obtain a foothold in the market and to provide a platform for enhancing with additional services. In the report, ADL refers to Embedded Web Servers (EWS) as offering a potential Trojan horse to achieve this goal – but such a strategy requires close co-ordination between multiple stakeholders, including device manufacturers for example, which, in reality, may be more challenging to achieve.

As an alternative, we think that the provision of voice and call management services from the cloud offers a simpler route to market and can deliver the momentum required to support the launch of additional services. In our analysis, hosted voice (in the shape of the mobile PBX) would be, to borrow ADL’s term, the ideal Trojan horse, as it takes advantage of existing capabilities, does not require the mediation of device manufacturers and delivers a service for which all SMEs have a clear requirement.

By focusing on Mobile PBX and delivering a service to SMEs, service providers can rapidly launch a cloud service portfolio that can then be incrementally expanded in scope to address additional needs. As ADL notes, service providers need an “ecosystem for the sale and support of services” – they already have such an ecosystem for the provision of devices, voice, packages, plans and connectivity. It is a more modest effort to purpose this towards SME customers than it is to create an entirely new ecosystem for less familiar services.

Of course, we can help with this. We can help you plan for the launch of cloud-based voice services for SME and enterprise customers, differentiate your service and ensure successful execution. What’s more, we can offer OPEX-driven models that ensure service launch can be achieved cost-effectively and to affordable budgets.

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