Economic Certainty in Times of Uncertainty: Look to SME Customers to Drive Growth

The economic crisis continues – and consumer spending is down

Economic uncertainty is nothing new. The current crisis has been around for some years and, although there are more encouraging signs, looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. Service providers live in a challenging environment – one in which they face new competitors, reduced consumer spend and downward pressure on prices.

Where will revenue growth come from?

This impacts both revenues and margins. In the longer term, even with richer service offers, there’s no guarantee that service providers can change the situation.

SME users are the engine of the economy

Unless they look elsewhere – for different business models and different customer groups. Despite the economic uncertainty, SMEs are the engine of growth and the backbone of most economies. With more than 1.5 billion people employed by SMEs around the world, this is a hugely significant market.

SMEs increasingly need advanced communications solutions. They need to take advantage of mobility and to use solutions to increase their efficiency and productivity.

Why compete with OTTs with free consumer products?

Faced with intense competition from free and OTT applications, service providers should take this market seriously. It’s full of eager customers, with an appetite for advanced services. It’s an area in which mobile network operators can excel. They own network assets, can deliver service guarantees and enhance customer service.

In return, SME customers will pay regular, predictable fees. They will buy additional service features and packages. They offer a much more secure return on investment than consumer customers.

Target SME customers for revenue, profit and growth

Why target a market that is increasingly attracted to competitive offers and has questionable loyalty? Instead, we can help you target markets and customer segments that have a better chance of delivering economic certainty. Why not talk to Gintel and find out how to profitably launch compelling offers for SME and enterprise customers?

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