Spend Your Money Wisely

In any investment decisions, there are choices to be made between various alternatives. Service providers are challenged to grow revenue and profit. The funds they have to invest must be directed towards revenue generating opportunities as well as network maintenance and growth.

But when thinking about how to spend money on revenue generation, there’s a significant opportunity that is often overlooked. Service providers are struggling to compete in consumer markets. They are faced with growing and agile competition from OTT providers with attractive and free consumer products, leaving little opportunity to grow revenue.

In this environment, it makes sense to explore how they can differentiate products and services to target SME and enterprise customers. Put simply, there is a much better opportunity to add value and differentiate services for SME and enterprise users. Service providers are more likely to generate returns and profit from business customers.

Instead of trying to keep pace with OTT providers in consumer markets, service providers should launch services that enable business users to communicate more effectively, enhance productivity and for which they can charge. They can add more value to business services than those for consumers and have better assets to enable them to do so.

Of course this requires investment. The good news is that services such as Mobile Unified Communications and Mobile PBX can be launched with a modest investment and in a range of flexible deployment models – from pay as you grow, to cloud-based solutions. They offer rapid ROI and generate profits.

We can help with this. We can help you spend your money wisely and build a differentiated portfolio of services that enables you to captivate and capture SME and enterprise users. Why not find out how?

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