More than 1.5 Billion People Work in SMEs - Targeting this Market is a Huge Opportunity

Learn from the Norwegian experience - a dynamic market for Wireless Office, Mobile PBX and Unified Communications

Norway is one of the most dynamic and advanced markets in the world for Mobile PBX and Unified Communications solutions. Almost every operator has launched services for enterprise and SME customers, with a special emphasis on mobile integration and mobility.

Competition is fierce – and the press is full of adverts for the services on offer. Every provider invests in active marketing and promotion. Combined, there are more than 1 million mobile PBX users and the market is worth in excess of €1.2 billion annually – and it’s still growing!

We’re at the forefront of this activity. Our solutions are widely used and we know that a co-ordinated package of superior products, outstanding marketing and determined sales delivers results.

It’s not just Norway – Mobile PBX solutions are spreading across Scandinavia, most notably into Denmark. We’re at the forefront of these trends. We can help you succeed in your market too.

You can emulate the success of the Scandinavians with a modest investment that delivers exceptional ROI and is proven to produce results. You can host your own solution or take advantage of cloud-based adoption models, allowing you to 'Pay as You Grow'.

Why not find out how you can launch and deliver market-leading Mobile PBX and Mobile Unified Communications services to hungry enterprise and SME users?

  • Exceptional, proven technology
  • Low-cost adoption
  • Simple end-user proposition
  • Rapid ROI
  • Cloud-based adoption models
  • Pay-as-you-grow

Is your company ready for this market? How have you positioned yourself? We can help!

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