Are you ready for the #Cloud?

This question can be interpreted in two ways: internally and externally. All operators should be looking at their internal processes and operations to determine whether they can offer cloud services or the role they should play in emerging cloud markets. But they must also be paying close attention to the external environment, to determine whether the markets in which they play are ready for the adoption of cloud services.

This isn’t a chicken and egg situation – some markets have already moved heavily into cloud service adoption long before traditional service providers woke up to the opportunity presented – but it does require close co-ordination. Useful data has been provided by Pyramid Research , which helps characterise the cloud readiness of different markets.

Pyramid identifies a number of metrics that, taken collectively can give an index of market readiness in different countries and regions. These include:

  • Businesses
  • Nominal GDP
  • Fibre subscribers
  • 3G / 4G subscribers
  • Broadband subscribers
  • Computer penetration
  • Smartphone penetration

The results are perhaps not surprising – but the surprising thing is that classical service providers – fixed and mobile operators – are not doing more to address this market with services at which they excel.

Take voice communications for example. It’s not difficult to offer hosted voice services as a cloud offer. What’s more, it’s also not difficult to broaden this offer to include unified communications from the cloud. Yet few mobile or fixed network operators are taking steps in this direction, despite the proven success of such services. Instead, many service providers are considering their cloud entry in terms of IT services – a market in which there are many established players. While this is a promising area, surely it’s much simpler to offer something in which service providers have greater expertise than their competitors, such as voice and UC?

The market is ready for the cloud. The real question is what role are you going to play? Why not leverage your core competencies instead of competing in new territory?

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