Differentiation is the Key to Unlocking SME Market Potential

There is a clear and growing recognition that communications service providers ought to pay more attention to the SME market. We’ve been urging this for years, based on our own direct experience and also those of our customers. We’ve seen our customers achieve significant and enduring success on the basis of a clear enterprise and SME focus.

While this is a huge opportunity and such a focus can be the basis of a winning strategy, it’s important to recognise that SMEs need more than just a one size fits all approach, as a recent blog points out.

SMEs have probably been short-changed for years by the presumption that they aren’t worth the delivery of tailor made offers or special consideration. But that doesn’t have to be the case. CSPs may legitimately have been concerned about the costs of providing dedicated SME packages and offers a few years ago, but all that has changed.

As we have said and as others are now pointing out, it’s perfectly possible to leverage advances in technology to understand more about what SMEs need and to ensure delivery of appropriate solutions. The article mentions the power of analytics in determining more personalised solutions, but this also needs to be accompanied by delivery models that enable customisation.

That’s where we can help. With Gintel, CSPs can deliver solutions to meet different user demands from the same platform. The incremental cost of defining new service features and capabilities to meet the needs of specific audiences is marginal, meaning that a business can scale and flex to deliver truly customised solutions cost effectively.

SMEs are an important contributor to our economies. They deserve special consideration and there is an opportunity for CSPs to deliver that. What’s more, they can do so with packages that are tailor made to meet customer demands and achieve differentiation. Why not talk to us and find out how easy and cost-effective this can be?


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