Choose Mobile PBX to Launch an SME Strategy

Analysys Mason has forecast that “SME ICT service revenue will grow at 3x the number of SMEs ” by 2017. The growth will materialise as SMEs place increasing importance on communication and IT services.

Due to the overwhelming number of SMEs in most economies – developed or developing – this represents a potentially significant revenue stream for those service providers that choose to focus on the SME market. As everything goes mobile, MNOs are particularly well placed to capitalise on this opportunity.

However, Analysys Mason also notes that SMEs are unlikely to adopt technology or solutions that:

  • Has a large upfront cost
  • Has long and inflexible contracts
  • Requires dedicated IT staff
  • Are Unproven

That’s interesting as it suggests that service providers should think carefully about the services they launch for SME customers. One approach would be to start with a service that:

  • Has a pure OPEX model and no upfront costs
  • Has flexible contract arrangements, under the control of the service provider
  • Has simple activation and no demands on IT staff
  • Are proven in markets around the world

One such solution is Mobile PBX – you don't even need specialist handsets or devices to access a true Mobile PBX service. Our customers have experienced success time after time. Once they have launched a Mobile PBX service, they have been able to add additional services and enhance their offer to the customer base.

By choosing a hosted, Mobile PBX service to launch an SME offer, you can remove any risk associated with launching a new service portfolio and provide a solid foundation for future growth. Why not find out how?


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