BYOD Boosts Staff Productivity

According to recent reports , the growing phenomenon of BYOD, or “Bring Your Own Device” can significantly increase employee productivity through more flexible arrangements and always-on connectivity.

As more applications migrate to the cloud, the need for specialised devices is declining. If an enterprise or SME adopts a cloud-based mobile PBX solution, for example, it doesn’t really need to continue to buy expensive fixed phone solutions – any standard mobile device can offer the same functionality at a lower cost. If employees can select the devices that they prefer, it means that the enterprise doesn’t have to consider issues such as inventory and the on-going support and maintenance of on-premises solutions.

Additionally, the old issue of “Moves, Additions and Changes” (or MAC) is either removed or else substantially reduced. Instead of activating phone lines and connecting devices, users simply need to be added to calling groups via configuration portals, such as the customer configuration interface offered by Gintel.

BYOD should be of particular interest to SMEs as it means that employers can offer sophisticated communications tools, such as Mobile PBX, without the direct expense of purchasing devices or maintaining and supporting them. Employees benefit by continuing to use personal devices that can leverage the full range of communications services.

Of course, none of this is possible without the right communications solution. Full mobility demands close integration between the hosted solution and the mobile network. Operators that wish to offer hosted communications services should be sure that they can fully support mobile devices without feature restriction or loss of functionality. If they can’t, then BYOD is doomed to failure and enterprises and SMEs will choose providers who can address their needs.

BYOD represents an opportunity for operators to offer the most innovative solutions that offer functional and efficiency benefits – but it’s critical to ensure that the solutions offered are device agnostic.

At Gintel, we take this for granted. All of our solutions can be deployed on any device. Unlike many solutions, mobile users enjoy the same functionality and features as fixed subscribers. What’s more, there is need to deploy software onto specialist mobile devices, which means that literally any device can be supported. In our opinion, BYOD is not a new phenomenon – it’s just the industry catching up with something we’ve been enabling for years.


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