Analysts are Waking Up to the SME Opportunity – Are You?

It seems that analysts are now waking up to the SME opportunity, something we have been highlighting for many years. One of the reasons for this is the sheer number of companies that fit into the SME category in most economies.

This is not news. Most governments regularly publish free data on the SME sector – for example, a recent press release in the UK pointed out that 99.9% of private enterprises fit into the SME category. In this time of economic uncertainty, many expect SMEs to be the engine of growth around the world.

But if that’s the case, why has the analyst community taken so long to recognise their fundamental importance? Perhaps it’s because telcos are traditionally used to dealing with larger enterprise or multi-national corporations. Why sell to 1000 enterprises with five employees if you can sell to a single company with 5000 employees?

Well, that market is highly competitive. Few telcos really address the SME market and those that do understand that the rewards are excellent. Winning SME customers is, or should be, a key element of any strategy for growth. The numbers are overwhelming. It might be terrific to sell 5000 licenses to one customer, but that takes considerable investment. SME customers don’t have RFP processes. They make decisions and they tend to be loyal.

And, they are eager for services and technology. They want to compete and, increasingly, to leverage tools that have previously only been available to MNCs. Thanks to hosted solutions, they can leverage the same features and benefits and derive the same performance enhancements.

It’s great that analysts are recognising the SME opportunity. Our customers have done so for years. Consequently, we know rather a lot about this market. We can help you define, deliver and execute a strategy that capitalises on the SME opportunity. Why not find out how?


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