Mobile VoIP Growth to be Driven by the Enterprise: But Why Wait for VoIP?

Research suggests that a significant driver in the adoption of mobile VoIP will be enterprise markets. According to analyst firm In-Stat, one of the reasons for this is the extension of desktop phone functionality to mobile devices. Business VoIP solutions will allow mobiles to become extensions of desktops, within the same PBX user group.

While that’s interesting, it also misses the point that it’s achievable today. You don’t need mobile VoIP to enable full integration between mobiles and desktop phones. All you need is to leverage what’s already present in the network – whether it’s GSM, GPRS or 3G - and to deploy the right Mobile PBX solution to manage and co-ordinate delivery of calls between devices.

It’s great to look to the future, but one doesn’t need to wait. Sure, delivery models may evolve as more and more phones use all IP networks, but that’s still some way off. Rather than sitting on the sidelines and watching others take advantage of the opportunity, isn’t it better to jump in now and start delivering services that are proven to generate revenue on today’s networks and with technology that’s already proven through successful network deployments?

The interesting thing is that true mobile integration can also increase ROI on existing investments – driving usage of IN / CAMEL triggers to achieve seamless service control, while at the same time paving the way for migration to the all IP world of LTE and IMS.

Forecasts are great – we use them all the time to help generate strategic insights and gain an additional perspective on market development. But occasionally we need to think not only of the great opportunity that is predicted, but also of the opportunity that’s right here, now. Put simply, you don’t need mobile VoIP to deliver the enriched communications experience that’s promised.

With the right Mobile PaBX solution, you can do it today and be positioned to capitalise on future growth. Why wait?


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