Make Communications Mobile Centric

Many hosted solutions are orientated towards fixed users and do not adequately address the needs of mobile devices. Typically, they simply divert calls to the mobile, but the mobile is not fully integrated into outbound and inbound calling and cannot access the same features as desktop devices. It’s as if mobile devices are an additional extra.

But they are not. They are an essential part of business communications and, in an increasingly mobile world, their importance is likely to increase. It’s time to think of a more mobile centric approach, in which mobiles have parity with desktop devices.

The reality is that all devices should be equivalent. The communications channel used should be the preference of the individual user, but beyond that, they should all be functionally equivalent. If a user places a call on their mobile phone during office hours, the company main number (or his DDI) should be the number displayed, not the mobile number.

If the user wishes to transfer calls, set up conferences, diverts – in other words, do all the things that they can from a desk phone – they should be able to do so. There should be no restrictions, should a user select their mobile, fixed or IP device.

Mobile communications is fundamental to how we do business today. Mobile devices are readily available and cheap. There’s no need for expensive desk phones for all users, but there is a need to access the same functionality. And, there will be an increasingly diverse set of SMEs, many of which do not need and do not want an expensive office-based infrastructure.

That’s why mobility is so important, but there is no need to compromise between fixed and mobile. There should be seamless integration between all domains.

With Gintel, operators can deliver solutions that offer powerful integration between fixed and mobile networks, enabling them to offer services via whatever mode the customer prefers.

The next generation of hosted enterprise solutions have to pay more attention to mobility. We already do, so we are perfectly placed to help you develop solutions that are truly accessible for all your customers, with no compromise.

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