How to Grow Mobile Revenues in Emerging Markets?

This is an important question and one that is the focus of considerable debate. According to many analysts, however, the answer is clear: focus on the business market.

When mobile subscriber growth slows and penetration levels rise, business subscribers offer better potential for revenue and profit growth. As Pyramid Research notes in a recent report, business customers typically deliver higher margins.

This applies to emerging as well as mature markets – growth in subscriber numbers delivered strong revenue and good margins, but as growth rates decline, it is important to find new sources. That means paying attention to business customers and thinking about market structure.

Customer segmentation is an important activity, but it needs to go beyond simply dividing consumer from business customers. To really capitalise on the business market, mobile operators need to consider how to segment the business market, horizontally and vertically.

In the same report, Pyramid suggests that operators need to understand the sizes of businesses, the mix in terms of vertical markets and employee demographics. How many companies are in the SME sector? How many in the large corporate segment? How many are micro enterprises?

How many work in agriculture? Manufacturing? Building, or tourism? What do companies of different sizes want from their communications services? By understanding how the market is structured, an operator can create a strategy and deploy its resources to address the market. This kind of information is readily available and it can be supplemented with research.

Armed with this knowledge, operators can target solutions and packages towards different customer groups. But to do so effectively means having a communications solution that is sufficiently flexible to support a range of services, not a one-size fits all offer. Businesses and markets are very different. While most share a core set of requirements, tailoring and customisation enables operators to launch more targeted offers.

Gintel’s Mobile PBX platform can enable operators to provide a range of differentiated services targeted towards different horizontal and vertical markets but with a common set of core components. With Gintel, operators can deliver a solution that fits their market. You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole. But what if you can offer round pegs, square pegs, and triangular pegs?

With Gintel, you can. By selecting Gintel to build an enterprise offer, based on hosted voice communications packages, you can unlock new revenue and drive growth.

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