Enterprise and SME Investments Pay Dividends

A recent article in the Financial Times noted that mobile operators are increasingly looking to the SME market to provide growth. Operators are starting to learn that investing in services for enterprise and SME customers generates revenue and profit.

We already know this. We see proof from our customers’ results. What’s more, mobile operators have an advantage in delivering enterprise and SME services, as users increasingly demand access across mobile devices.

Even in highly competitive markets with >100% penetration, it’s possible to achieve growth. From a standing start, one of our customers has grown to almost 100,000 enterprise and SME customers, generating annual revenue of more than €7,500,000 from subscription fees alone.

That’s a significant business – and it doesn’t include revenue from airtime, messaging, roaming, data and other services. A business like this can be built on a simple investment, providing a stable platform for growth and service enhancement.

This is a proven model and it works. Why not find out how you can benefit from new revenue and profit by addressing the enterprise and SME market?

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