Telenor – Leading through Innovation with Mobil Bedriftsnett

Telenor, Norway’s leading mobile and fixed operator – and one of the largest mobile operator groups in the world – has long been known for outstanding innovation. The latest chapter in this distinguished history is being written with the launch of the Mobil Bedriftsnett product and the MOVE project that is behind its success.

Telenor is determined to retain its leading position in the Norwegian market, in the face of growing competition. Mobil Bedriftsnett and MOVE are part of its response to an increasingly competitive environment. Combining simplicity, rich functionality and ease of use in a mobile environment, Mobil Bedriftsnett is expected to be adopted by a significant number of Telenor’s existing subscribers, as well as to play a leading role in building additions to the strong subscriber base.

The innovation behind the service has also been recognised by the wider market, and Mobil Bedriftsnett is expected to attract many new customers to Telenor, increasing market share. Gintel AS, a trusted supplier and partner of Telenor, has played a leading role in the evolution of the service offer.

Mobil Bedriftsnett has a sophisticated attendant application that is accessible by users and this is based on the Easy Switchboard application from Gintel. It is a key part of the solution and provides exceptional ease of use, allowing users to manage inbound calls to their enterprises and businesses.

The Mobil Bedriftsnett is just one part of the strategy, however. Fundamental to the evolution of the service is the launch of a set of APIs that are available to partners. The APIs allow Telenor’s partners to integrate rich telecoms functionality into their applications, which can then be offered to end-users. The APIs enable Telenor to build new revenue streams through two-sided business models, with partners paying for access to the APIs and end-users paying for access to an enriched set of applications.

Gintel AS has provided a key element that supports API exposure, the Telenor Service Gateway. This vital component is the glue between Telenor’s network and partner services, ensuring real-time exchange of data necessary to underpin applications.

Mobil Bedriftsnett and MOVE represent a significant investment by Telenor in the business market. Telenor intends to sustain this investment and to continue to evolve and enhance the services supported, and to broaden the partner community that can leverage them. Gintel AS is proud to be a trusted supplier to Telenor and looks forward to playing a continuing role in the evolution of this innovative service portfolio.

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