Leading Telco Execs Point to Growth in Enterprise Markets

In an address at the recent TeleManagement World in Dublin, a leading executive from a Tier 1 European operator pointed out that saturation levels in consumer markets suggest a strong opportunity to seek growth in the enterprise.

We couldn’t agree more. We see our customers growing their enterprise businesses and securing more end-user revenue and profit. Consumer markets are highly competitive and becoming extremely fragmented. Profit levels are declining. The complexity of offering class-leading consumer services is increasing, as operators see their business models challenged by free and innovative OTT offers, while at the same time, penetration levels mean there is little scope for subscriber growth.

However, enterprise and SME customers want a consistent, reliable set of services that meets their needs to drive efficiency, reduce costs and enhance productivity. While they need innovative products and demand differentiated services, they typically look to their service provider to deliver them. Enterprise customers have high expectations, but in exchange, they provide predictable, profitable revenue streams and, overall, represent a growth market. What’s more, operators are still largely neglecting the SME market, which represents the largest number of private companies – and offers significant scope for further growth.

This is an opportunity – a focus on enterprise and SME customers can yield revenue quicker and more profitably than fickle consumer markets, in which price competition is paramount. It’s possible to deliver core services and enhance them with innovative and customised features and capabilities. Complementary services can be delivered to add value. Simple tiers of services can be delivered to different horizontal segments.

Operators are starting to recognise this. They are realising that building a portfolio of services for enterprise and SME customers generates growth and offers a more certain ROI than consumer segments. But if the path to success in enterprise and SME markets seems unclear, we can help. Innovative operators around the world have deployed our solutions. We understand what it takes to develop a winning enterprise strategy. Talk to our experts and we can show you how.



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