Do Business Class Services Need 3G and IP Connectivity?

There are many services that leverage the capabilities of smartphones to offer rich capabilities and functionality in 3G networks. But what if there is no 3G coverage, or if connection rates are poor? Businesses need services that work irrespective of location. While many workers are located in well-covered metro areas, there’s a large potential market among SMEs in more rural areas. They need access to rich services too.

That’s why Gintel’s solutions work on any network – 2G, 2.5G, 3G and beyond. Unlike some applications, it’s not the network that enables the service. Instead, the service can be deployed on any network infrastructure. Crucially, the network can be mixed – 3G in metro areas, 2G in rural locations, allowing subscribers to move from place to place enjoying the same service, regardless of where they are. And, those subscribers with 2G or 2.5G packages, can also access the service.

What’s more, Mobile PBX needs to be inclusive: it should be available to all potential subscribers, without exception. While it’s great to be able to offer a service with smartphone applications and enhanced functionality, the basic proposition must be that any user can leverage the service without having to change their device or download any software. It should just work:

  • On any network
  • With no need to upgrade or replace handset
  • With no software upgrades

That makes the value proposition compelling, particularly in markets in which there are fewer smartphones or where handsets are not subsidised. Mobile PBX is not an exclusive service – it’s not for the rich, it’s not just for those with expensive devices. It’s a genuine enabler, helping SMEs and enterprises access capabilities that enhance efficiency and increase productivity while at the same time generating predictable, secure revenue streams for operators.

Mobile PBX takes business communications to the masses, but it can only do that if there are no restrictions on its availability. Gintel’s Easy Virtual PaBX solution can be deployed in any network and is available to any use. Of course, we also offer smartphone clients, but these are not essential. There’s no need to change handset. Any user, with any device can enjoy the benefits of the service – and the operator can truly address the whole of the market, increasing revenue potential.

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