Location is more than an enabler – it adds value as a service ingredient

There’s nothing new in the concept of location services, but with the ability to determine location embedded in smartphones, it’s becoming an increasingly ubiquitous capability. People use standard applications such as Google Maps to pinpoint their location and find out where they are.

That’s all well and good, but it tends to diminish the value of location as an enhancement for other applications to the extent that its role as an ingredient in a blended service can be overlooked. And, what about those users with featurephones who don’t have access to native applications?

Well, location adds value. Knowledge of subscriber location can be used to enhance existing services and provide a more personalised and richer experience. To leverage this knowledge effectively, service providers should think about the segments they are targeting.

For example, in the consumer market, service providers can provide packages that offer reduced call plans or rates within user-defined locations. A subscriber can be given reduced call charges when in their home, or special offers on International calls. There’s a wide range of possibilities that can be explored to increase call volumes and to help generate stickiness, reducing subscriber churn. The critical element is to think creatively about what the subscriber needs.

Similarly, in enterprise or SME markets, service providers can ensure that differential call charges apply, not just to given numbers within a user group, but to specific locations. So, if a subscriber is working from home, they can nominate this as an office zone and enjoy the same calling plan from their mobile as they obtain within the office environment.

With location information, mobile operators can offer services such as:

  • Home Zone
  • Happy Zone
  • Office Zone
  • Business Zone

that use subscriber position to trigger or enhance features of existing service offers. All of these services can be created with Gintel’s Mobile GeoFencing solution, available as a stand-alone product or as an enhancement to our other value added services, such as Easy Virtual PaBX.

The ability to derive location is no longer unique to mobile operators, but they do have an advantage. They can obtain subscriber location consistently across their mobile networks for all users – those subscribers with featurephones can enjoy the same services as those with smartphones, ensuring that a consistent user experience is available to all.

By adding location capabilities to other services, MNOs can enrich their offer and create compelling new features that help build and reinforce subscriber loyalty. In a competitive environment, this could well be critical.

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