PBX in the Cloud: It’s Logical, It’s Necessary and It’s Flexible

With all the talk of cloud communications, it’s easy to overlook the fact that this is not a new business. We’ve been in it for years, successfully deploying cloud-based solutions used by Tier 1 operators around the world. But cloud applications aren’t restricted to shared computing or storage, however: we are in the business of delivering real-time voice communications to customers, at scale and to the highest levels of performance.

Voice communication is often overlooked when people talk about the cloud, but hosted voice has been around for decades. But just because it isn’t new, it doesn't mean it’s easy. There are considerable challenges in deploying hosted voice solutions to ensure that they perform as seamlessly and with the required customer satisfaction levels.

We are experts in the field. We know what it takes to deploy a cloud-based voice service and we know how each network can be different. Our expertise helps our customers overcome these challenges and ensures service success.

As applications move to the cloud, it makes sense for more voice applications to follow. It makes sense from everyone’s perspective – end users benefit from OPEX-driven models, paying as they go for the services they consume, and service providers benefit from both the income and the economies of scale that can be derived from the deployment of services for thousands of customers.

A key advantage of our solutions is that they are flexible. Operators who deploy solutions from Gintel have the additional benefit that they can be adapted to ensure they evolve and maintain a competitive, differentiated service at all times. In fact, in the cloud environment, this is really what has changed – service adaptation is critical to competitive advantage and today’s customers demand more than the monolithic solutions of yesterday.

Cloud or hosted PBX services are really a no-brainer. The idea that all customers need a premises based solution of different sizes is redundant. What they need is a service that delivers the functionality they need, when they need it and which can cater for changes in their circumstances. That’s what we offer. So if you are thinking about cloud services, why not give some thought to how voice can become a differentiator in your service portfolio once more?

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