The Enterprise MVNO – Focus on a More Promising Market Segment

For a long time, the MVNO has been viewed from two angles. First, as a low-cost consumer offer, often targeted towards specific subscriber groups. Secondly, as a means to reinforce an existing brand and leverage it by extending it to other services. Many companies have invested in MVNOs, based on either premise; some have been extremely successful, others less so.

But it’s increasingly clear that the MVNO model can be applied to other areas. Recent analysis from Pyramid Research is strongly supportive of this view. They report that other niches and segments can be attractive targets for MVNO players – and, what’s more, the partnership potential for traditional MNOs in hosting such specialised MVNOs is also attractive, potentially creating a win-win situation for all parties.

As Pyramid notes, MVNOs can prove more adept at addressing specific niches. If the MVNO is successful in delivering services to its chosen market, the MNO will also be successful in securing additional, incremental revenue that it wouldn’t otherwise enjoy. What’s more, the MNO can focus on areas in which it excels, sharpening its ability to execute.

So with that in mind, where should the MVNO invest its efforts? One of the most promising areas of opportunity is the SME market, an area which offers growth potential and predictable, recurring revenues. MVNOs with a focus on the SME market have the chance to tap into a key part of the economy, one which is poised to drive growth and which is eager for the tools to do so.

MVNOs should consider offering Mobile PBX and call management solutions to SMEs that can increase efficiency, productivity and effectiveness. MNOs, in turn, should consider deploying platforms that allow multiple service providers to be hosted, each with a differentiated offer as a multi-tenanted solution.

Gintel is perfectly positioned to help both parties. Our platforms enable a wide range of SME and enterprise focused applications and can support multiple providers in the same environment, allowing MNOs to support enterprise-focused MVNOs. Why not talk to us to see how collaboration can help capitalise on this opportunity?

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