Gintel Launches New GeoFencing Solution for Mobile Operators

Gintel’s latest solution, built on the powerful Easy Designer Service Creation Environment, is a complete Mobile GeoFencing platform. It uses GSM / UMTS signalling to determine subscriber location, enabling Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to offer target, location-based services.

With Mobile GeoFencing from Gintel, MNOs can launch a range of branded services targeted at consumer and enterprise customers. Location dependent charging enables services such as Happy or Home Zone, where different rates are applied when subscribers place calls in pre-selected areas.

Mobile GeoFencing can support stand-alone service offers or be used as a complement to existing packages. Enterprises can benefit from the creation of special charging zones to benefit remote or home workers.

Gintel’s Mobile GeoFencing solution can be deployed quickly, ensuring rapid time to market and fast ROI. Find out more.

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