Enterprise Call Manager: The Ideal Way to Launch an SME and Enterprise Service Offer

Enterprise Call Manager, or ECM, a new solution from Gintel is an ideal way to launch services aimed at SME and enterprise customers. ECM is a turnkey inbound call management solution, designed to offer optimised call routing functionality to enterprise and SME customers. It is hosted and offered as a cloud service by service providers.

ECM can be offered on a subscription basis to customers, delivering advanced call routing and IVR functionality that is configurable to meet user requirements. It secures predictable revenue and provides a cost-effective solution to launch hosted enterprise services.

Network operators, MVNOs and service providers can deploy the ECM and provide it to their end-user customer base. It offers rapid time to market and includes a predefined set of main number call distribution strategies for turnkey deployment.

By deploying Gintel’s ECM solution, service providers can offer their business customers a cost-effective hosted solution that provides a sophisticated main number call routing service. Enterprises that subscribe to the service are given a main number (or they reuse an existing number). Calls to the main number are handled by an IVR and routed according to options provided by the enterprise customer (“welcome to company X, press 1 for sales, 2 for support….”).

Optionally, end users can be provided with personal extensions (“if you know the extension you are trying to reach, please enter it now…”). Additional functionality provides a rich, yet cost-effective service that allows service providers to launch a highly functional service for enterprise and SME customers – and can be the ideal starting point for a comprehensive strategy to target business users.


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