$9.2 Billion in New Revenues from Managed and Hosted #IPVoice: Don’t Miss the Opportunity!

New research identifies $9.2 billion in new revenue opportunities for service providers from managed and hosted IP voice products. This raises questions for service providers. First, what are you doing to address this potentially lucrative market? Secondly, how can you move quickly to capitalise on this opportunity?

The launch of new services has traditionally been a pain-staking process, taking months of planning and approval cycles, let alone the actual deployment and integration phases. The revenue forecast spans the years 2012 to 2015. That period is only a few months away and time passes rapidly.

In the past, we have seen operators plan and launch a complete service in less than six months, but that is relatively unusual. Typically, the process takes a year or more. But the data – and this is not the only forecast to emphasise the opportunity afforded by hosted IP voice products – is compelling. Enterprises have a great appetite for hosted voice and adoption is accelerating.

Enterprise customers offer clear and profitable revenue potential, with predictable revenue streams. There is less volatility than in consumer markets, leading to reduced likelihood of churn. Yes, it takes planning, effort and commitment to launch a compelling mobile or IP Centrex solution, but the rewards justify the investment. And deployment times can be significantly reduced, with the right solutions and the right motivation.

The reality is that someone will enter and colonise this market, which represents a threat to established players. If service providers want to secure their place in this segment, they will need to act quickly and focus sufficient energy on efforts to launch solutions in their markets. This is an area in which Gintel has great experience. We can help reduce deployment times and ensure rapid time to market.

It’s clear that things are moving fast: the conclusion is obvious. Act now, or someone else will secure the revenue. The opportunity is too good to miss.

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