Mobile and IP #Centrex Service Strategies: Templates for Success Part 8 – Your Personal Assistant

We discussed in a previous article how service providers can use templates to determine the actions and options that are available for handling direct inbound calls to employees – that is, calls that are made to a personal number.

It’s not just the individual preferences that can be flexible – for example, I may want all calls to be diverted to my voicemail between 1200 and 1400, while you may want all calls to be routed to your preferred device between 0800 and 1700, but to voicemail outside these times – there are additional services and features that can activated for individuals.

One example is that of the personal assistant. A senior member of staff might have a personal or executive assistant, as well as a direct personal number.  An optional feature allows all calls to the personal number to be routed to the personal assistant first, allowing calls to be screened before they are transferred to the intended person.

Additionally, the service can be configured with priority numbers, so that some callers bypass the assistant and are connected directly to the user. This means that more senior members of staff, or peers, can have direct access to the user.

Of course, a service like this can be included as a standard part of a service. But, it’s also possible to offer it as a value-added capability, potentially for a modest fee. By deciding on a set of standard features, service providers can then select additional capabilities to offer as optional extras – choosing whether to bundle them in, use them as leverage to attract customers or simply to charge an incremental fee.

This is important, as it’s clear that differentiation is what matters here. Of course, the fundamentals have to be right, but it’s that little bit extra that helps cement a relationship and builds a partnership with customers. Having the right platform enables service providers to do this, year on year, building a solid, trusted service that inspires loyalty and stimulates growth.

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