#Mobile and #IP #Centrex service strategies - No.1 templates for success

While many Mobile and IP Centrex services are superficially similar, it’s certainly not the case that one size fits all. Typically, our customers offer different service packages to suit different budgets and sizes of enterprise. A good example of this can be seen here.

In some cases, it’s enough to provide different allowances and to offer different tariffs in the bundles, but as our customers have discovered, sometimes users want different features within the Mobile PBX service. Thanks to a unique capability of Easy Virtual PaBX, this can easily be accomplished.

Easy Virtual PaBX is delivered with a number of specialised service strategy templates. These are predefined templates that specify a particular logic to enable different features and capabilities. The service provider customer can choose which to offer to a particular customer segment. So, having researched the market and determined the needs of each target segment, the service provider can launch a range of services each optimised for its chosen customer groups. This means entry-level services can be offered for SoHo customers, mid-range services for small and medium enterprises, and so on.

When planning the service, the service provider can select the most appropriate template from the available range and ensure that their packages are differentiated from competitive offers from day one. Of course, if they decide to change a service in the future to offer new features, then they can use the GUI environment that comes with the standard version of the Easy Virtual PaBX to customise a particular service. One modified, the service can be deployed in real-time with minimal fuss or bother.

Over the coming weeks, we shall be discussing the topic of service strategies in more detail and introducing you to examples from our proven library of templates. Each service strategy can be used to highlight business opportunities for service providers, identifying market segments and niches that can benefit from specific service offers. A service strategy represents a proven means of generating revenue and making money. Our investment in continuous development of strategies is part of our contribution to the on-going success of our customers.

Our templates have been developed in-house, or in conjunction with current customers and we will also establish a user forum that will promote the further exchange of business ideas amongst the growing community of service providers using the Gintel platform.

Watch out for more articles soon!

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