#Hostedvoice Revenues Set to Grow #pbx #cloud #mobile

Analyst firm Frost and Sullivan noted recently that the revenue share of hosted communications services is set to grow significantly in coming years. Of course, the economic downturn increased the need to avoid the costly CAPEX associated with traditional on-premises PBX solutions, but there’s more to it than that.

The features and functionality of IP Centrex and Mobile PBX solutions are mature and able to compete head-to-head with an on-premises PBX solution, and customers are recognising that they can obtain the same features, functions and services without upfront costs. But, Mobile IP Centrex offers something much more than this – true integration of PBX features with mobile handsets and an increasingly mobile workforce.

This is something new – it’s not just a simple case of comparing PBX featuresets and the merits of CAPEX vs OPEX, the emergence of Mobile IP Centrex is a sea-change: something genuinely new that cannot be offered by on-premises PBXs and which adds significant value to enterprise workers.

Hosted voice revenue will continue to grow, but the sales pitches from service providers should also start to emphasise key differentiators such as mobility, not just a simple CAPEX vs OPEX purchasing model.

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