Key Success Factors for #Mobile and IP #Centrex: Summary

Service providers considering launching Mobile and IP Centrex services need to be aware of how perceived market opportunity can translate into concrete revenue.

By considering actual prices charged by our customers from different markets, it can be seen that Mobile and IP Centrex are high-value services that can attract a premium in very different market environments. This provides a clear indication of real revenue potential, rather than taking estimates from market forecasts.

Basic offers for Mobile and IP Centrex services can easily be extended to encompass complementary features and capabilities, for which additional charges can be levied. The overall potential of a Mobile or IP Centrex service in any market can be significantly increased by careful consideration of related features and services, dramatically increasing revenue potential.

Finally, key success factors for launching Mobile and IP Centrex services include:

•    Strong direct and indirect sale focus with clear motivation and incentives
•    Comprehensive promotion and marketing of available offers
•    Clear value proposition tailored to the needs of each target segment and market
•    Simple activation and no additional hardware requirements
•    Clear roadmap and on-going service evolution
•    Excelling in customer service

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