Ensuring regulatory compliance

Regulations covering telephony services are a constantly moving target. Licensed operators are well-used to ensuring compliance, but independent VoIP providers may find it hard to keep pace with evolving requirements. They need solution providers who truly understand how to deal with the network and technical requirements to ensure compliance – however they evolve.


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Blending best of breed with deep integration between communications processes

Operators often don’t exploit the full benefits of different communications service solutions because they don’t enable them to share key triggers and real-time events. Blending capabilities based on optimised exposure to network layers and service triggering can help create more compelling offers – both for existing customers and for recruiting new ones.

SME, Mobile PBX, SLAs

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Real-time service orchestration is going to get much more complicated

There have always been flaws with the IMS service delivery model, particularly when customers subscribe to multiple services that may conflict with each other. With a new core network coming and an increased need to coordinate service capabilities across networks and real-time slices, it’s become more urgent than ever to resolve orchestration issues. This problem is part of an ongoing R&D activity performed by the Gintel team.

IMS, 5G, 5G-SA

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