Voice has evolved to become a key enabler used to enrich other applications and to support new ways of communicating. This isn’t a new phenomenon – various initiatives have sought to characterise and help develop the market in recent years. Today, it’s clear that business communication is about so much more than person to person conversations and the shift to multi-modal voice is rapidly gaining momentum. Far from being dead, voice has a rich future to offer.

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Residential voice calls are declining at a remarkable rate, so much so that few even use their phones these days. If the residential landline is dying, then the fixed business line is sure to follow. It’s time to help your customers to make the transition, by offering compelling reasons to move to mobile for their business.

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Multi language capabilities help boost customer satisfaction in multi-lingual countries or across regions. Ensuring UC and virtual PBX solutions are optimised for local needs can help your customers deliver a better experience to their customers, driving your own B2B revenue. Find out why this matters.

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