IN service convergence – removing silos to gain efficiency and a platform for innovation.

Converging a core IN service footprint is a key step in delivering efficiencies and for enabling the launch of new applications. It demands expertise, as well as a proven service framework. With yet another network architecture on the horizon, is it time to consolidate your legacy IN platforms into a new, future-proof and more flexible environment?

IN Services, Service Creation Environment, 5G, EasyDesigner, SCE

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Telcos are struggling with the cloud – time to rethink and refocus on differentiators

Telcos are trying to broaden their business portfolios by adding new capabilities, such as storage, security and on-demand capacity - but in doing so, they are neglecting their core business assets and key differentiators. They should compete on their own terms.

What are their key differentiators and how can these transform cloud offers?

Cloud Unified Communications, Mobile PBX, Cloud

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