Advanced Routing

The Advanced Routing module provides a wide range of possibilities to ensure call delivery. Service providers can include the Advanced Routing module in UC and business services to enable flexible routing options to suit customer needs. It can also be used to support a range of Intelligent Network applications, such as 800, Number Portability and more.

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Flexible, intelligent call routing

Service providers can configure powerful traffic distribution to manage call delivery in their networks and for their customers. A range of triggers is available, which means calls can be treated according to predefined or custom rules. Triggers include date, time of day, location, called number, dialled number, presence and availability.

Dynamic traffic distribution and custom announcements

Users and service providers can add announcements to call flows, creating bespoke services to meet their needs. A powerful self-care portal provides an intuitive interface for users and administrators to change routing options, upload custom announcements and manage their own service. With different administration rights, service providers can deliver the level of flexibility customers, partners and resellers require.


  • Date, time of day and calendar routing
  • Geographical routing
  • CLI / TLI routing
  • Announcement upload and personalisation

Advanced Routing




Provide dynamic, real-time triggers for call routing


Integrate with other services to optimise traffic


Enable service personalisation for customers and partners

Legacy support

Support legacy IN call routing services in NGN networks

Working with Gintel

Case Study: Jersey Telecom

Converged, mobile-first B2B services

Jersey Telecom has a long and successful history and a growing enterprise customer base. With full-fibre connectivity, the team sought to bring a better, more unified experience to customers – across fixed and mobile.

How did they achieve this?

Easy Business Communications Suite, optimised for mobile networks - including with complex protocols, such as CAMEL.

Mobile PBX, across all networks

Full Mobile PBX capabilities deployed on GSM, 3G, LTE and VoLTE networks, allowing mobile devices to operate as extensions to cloud PBX solutions, from Gintel.

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  • Learn how JT is able to scale their service internationally, connecting businesses globally.
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