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Mobile Unified Comms
in the Cloud

The Mobile Cloud UC platform is a complete, turnkey solution that can be easily deployed in any network by service providers, MNOs, MVNOs and MVNEs, so they can offer cloud-based, hosted Mobile UC services to enterprise and SME customers, including Mobile PBX and Conferencing.

  • Full PBX functionality
  • Switchboard options
  • Conferencing, call recording, SIP trunking

Mobile Unified Communications

Mobile Unified Communications from the Cloud

As a cloud-based offer, it provides low start-up costs with an attractive OPEX-driven model. No CAPEX means reduced risk, enabling service providers to launch services quickly and generate rapid ROI.

OPEX only deployment models to reduce risk

Gintel’s Mobile Cloud UC platform is available through a range of hosting models, eliminating CAPEX. MNOs, MVNOs and Service Providers can choose to deploy in their own cloud or leverage private or public solutions.

Rapidly extend your offer with simple to use SCE

The Mobile Cloud UC solution is supported by an advanced composition tool, the Easy Designer that dramatically reduces time to market for new services and service customisation.

Working with Gintel


Case Study: Business Solutions for Telenor Norway

Telenor Business Solutions provides services to enterprise subscribers as part of the incumbent operator in Norway. Telenor Business Solutions has deployed Easy Virtual Contact Center and Easy Virtual PaBX in its service portfolio, under a range of commercial brands.

Increasing customer stickiness

Additionally, Telenor Business Solutions has been able to launch a wide range of customised services by leveraging the unique capabilities of Easy Composer, which enables operators to customise existing services and rapidly create new offers that enhance differentiation and increase customer stickiness.

The Solution

These solutions service more than one million calls per day and have run continuously since 1998.


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“We worked with Gintel to create something uniquely adapted to our offer and our market”

Lars Bo Christiansen

Product Manager