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Voice Virtual Private Network

Easy VPN
Easy VPN


Easy VPN allows operators and service providers to easily offer an advanced Virtual Private Network solution for business voice customers. Easy VPN is a net-centric, convergent network service supporting multiple underlying network technologies that allows TDM and VoIP interworking and hybrid VPNs.

  • Highly scalable configuration
  • Self service via web and phone
  • Configurable availability for the user

More InformationEasy VPN


  • Highly scalable configuration
  • Standard interfaces for integration with operator’s billing and (also bulk) provisioning systems
  • Self service via web and phone
  • Configurable availability for the user


  • Targeted to different market segments, e.g. enterprises, SMEs, SOHOs, families, etc.
  • Supporting service evolution by adaptable call patterns
  • Supporting distributed and mobile workforce
  • Better cost control for the enterprise

Product Datasheet

Please download our product sheet (PDF) for more information.

How to buy

Our products are available from our regional sales offices and through a network of systems integration partners and resellers around the world.

If you would like to see a demonstration, this can be arranged, either remotely or locally. Our partners are equipped to help you. Testimonials and customer references are also available on request, in addition to those displayed on our website.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us.

OverviewEasy VPN

Easy VPN implements the corporate telephony plan with special charging and number plans for all types of traffic. Easy VPN supports multi-level customisable configuration of corporate structure and user data. Easy VPN handles private numbering plans for voice and SMS/MMS, various VPN call types, screening/barring schemes based on different criteria, any-to-any calls, calling lists, corporate and user defined rules, call forwarding, call-back, call transfer to VPN or switchboard and calling line presentation.

Simple user friendly tools

A set of user-friendly tools and typical scenarios addressing call flows, provisioning and charging aspects are available for solution design and service deployment.

Working with Gintel


Case Study: Business Solutions for Telenor Norway

Telenor Business Solutions provides services to enterprise subscribers as part of the incumbent operator in Norway. Telenor Business Solutions has deployed Easy Virtual Contact Center and Easy Virtual PaBX in its service portfolio, under a range of commercial brands.

Increasing customer stickiness

Additionally, Telenor Business Solutions has been able to launch a wide range of customised services by leveraging the unique capabilities of Easy Composer, which enables operators to customise existing services and rapidly create new offers that enhance differentiation and increase customer stickiness.

The Solution

These solutions service more than one million calls per day and have run continuously since 1998.


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“We worked with Gintel to create something uniquely adapted to our offer and our market”

Lars Bo Christiansen

Product Manager

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