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Service Provider and Reseller



The multi-tenancy capabilities of the Easy Business Communications Suite enable service providers to establish and provision a hierarchy of resellers and access permissions. The primary service provider can support multiple additional service providers, such as MVNOs, or create resellers and enable them to support their own branding. Different services can be supported for each tenant under the control of the host.

  • Support multiple service providers
  • Provision different service levels
  • Deliver white label options

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  • Unlimited service provider and reseller accounts
  • Clear differentiation between companies, departments, groups and teams
  • Set permission rights for different levels of administrators and users
  • Definable admin rights
  • Define different services for different tenants


  • Enable and support MVNOs and service provider partners
  • Leverage partners to access new segments and customer groups
  • Efficiently manage partners and accounts
  • Rapidly on-board new partners
  • Enable customisation and branding for partners

Product Datasheet

Please download our product sheet (PDF) for more information.

How to buy

Our products are available from our regional sales offices and through a network of systems integration partners and resellers around the world.

If you would like to see a demonstration, this can be arranged, either remotely or locally. Our partners are equipped to help you. Testimonials and customer references are also available on request, in addition to those displayed on our website.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us.


Extend reach with new service provider partners and resellers

Each hosted partners can configure its own customers and has full control of their business. Configurable options enable the host provider to establish rules and grant access according to the terms of individual contracts. This approach enables the host to access new markets and extend their reach via partnership with specialist providers or a network of resellers.

Companies, departments and teams

The hierarchy of permissions extends to the business customers served. Each can be established as an individual account, with further extensions to support the provision of organisational departments and teams. This means that each level can be clearly defined with relevant management access and routing rules. Multi-tenancy for service providers and resellers ensures that the business can grow and scale effectively while leveraging new partnerships.

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