Easy Auto Attendant and IVR

Auto Attendant

The Easy Auto Attendant and IVR module offers a range of sophisticated IVR and DTMF options to support customer interaction and enable effective call routing.

Subscribers can configure messages to play when callers are in a queue, provide DTMF interaction options and much more to ensure that calls are handled in the most effective way for their business.

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Build better customer care

Auto attendant and IVR services are essential for today’s business users. Even when there are attendants available, calls may need to be queued and office hour and holiday schedules mean that all companies need to be able to play appropriate greetings to callers when staff are absent. Increasingly, SME and SoHo users are looking for the same solutions – Easy Auto Attendant and IVR helps all companies whether large or small project a professional image to their callers.

DTMF to help call steerage

DTMF capabilities enable callers to select from a range of configurable options to ensure their calls reach the right person. Service providers can offer their customers the means to personalise their auto attendant and IVR package so that it suits their business. It’s a powerful and effective means of handling inbound calls and is a fundamental element of the Easy Business Communications Suite.


  • Support multiple announcements and DMTF options for teams and departments
  • Choose announcements for different dates, days and times
  • Full DTMF interaction and support
  • Customisable voice announcements

Easy Auto Attendant




Let business subscribers personalise inbound call management solutions


Fully compatible with call management and UC packages


Enable responsive and reliable customer care


Help businesses process calls more effectively

Working with Gintel

Case Study: Kcell

Business Solutions for Kcell

Like many mobile operators, Kcell, the leading mobile network provider in Kazakhstan, is faced with the challenge of revenue growth. Mushrooming data consumption, enabled by significant investment in Kcell’s LTE infrastructure and networks, has not been matched by a proportional rise in data revenues, a common challenge that MNOs are struggling to address.

The solution

Recognising this, Kcell initiated efforts to try to secure revenue from new sources. As part of these efforts, it identified the B2B market as a source of potential growth alongside two common problem: call completion and minimising the cost and complexity involved with traditional business communications.

Happily Kcell discovered Gintel, whose track record of delivering highly customisable solutions with the core capabilities required, quickly and efficiently, was critical. But just as important was its absolute commitment to invest in its solution, ensuring that Kcell would benefit from continuous evolution and enhancement.

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“We needed a solution that would help Kcell to secure revenue growth from new sources, while providing a solution that solved identifiable communications problems for the business community in Kazakhstan. Gintel provided that, and we are delighted to be able to offer a market-leading, cloud-hosted service that will provide the platform for Kcell’s future growth” Marat Auketayev
Head of Business Solutions Unit
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