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White Papers

Understanding the End User Opportunity

Building a business case is a critical step for launching a new service. Service providers need to understand the revenue potential behind Mobile and IP Centrex services from the perspective of end user service charges. This new white paper presents data captured from a representative sample of Gintel's customer base, spread across different markets – Asia, Central Europe and Scandinavia.


Network and Device Integration

To succeed, any Centrex solution must allow graceful integration with current and future networks, and offer compatibility with any available device. Any solution that cannot fully leverage existing signalling, or requires costly handset upgrades, is untenable. Find out more about these issues - and how Gintel solves them for network operators and service providers.


Pre-paid Integration

Pre-paid mobile subscriptions reduce long-term uncertainty and risk for enterprises, particularly those with fewer than 99 employees, and are therefore considered to be an increasingly attractive option for the growing number of enterprises with a mobile workforce. However, this means that MNOs need to consider how to extend additional, revenue-generating services, such as Centrex, to pre-paid enterprise subscribers. How can this be achieved?


Packaging and Marketing Hosted Services

Interest in hosted business solutions from the enterprise community is growing rapidly. Collectively, the model through which such applications are delivered by a hosted provider is known as “Software as a Service”, or SaaS. Applications such as Centrex can be viewed simply as another SaaS offering in which voice is the service...


Creating Differentiation and Value

Problems of competition and technology changes affect all operators, necessitating serious consideration of business strategy. With intense, price-driven competition in consumer markets, typified by the growth of specialist MVNOs, an alternative option for growth and profitability can be found in the enterprise market...